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Risk management consulting services

With On-Demand Review or Resource Leasing, RSM Vietnam will assist you with the following requirements:

Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the key operating cycles (e.g., purchase-payables, sales-receivables, payment and cash collection, payroll) concerning the operating cycles. other; or

You can outsource the Internal Audit function from RSM Vietnam to achieve the overall assessment objective.

By understanding business and related risks, our internal audit experts will assess your risk portfolio and develop an appropriate internal audit plan. To meet your needs. We help you improve your internal control limitations but also help you increase management effectiveness by identifying improvement opportunities and turning them into business advantages.

With our internal audit consulting services, we will work with your Board of Directors to assist in building an internal audit department based on the appropriate steps (e.g., identifying customer expectations). Stakeholders, building structure and operating regulations for the internal audit department, understanding the company's risk level, developing internal audit strategy, identifying resources to use, building developing internal audit procedures, developing control tools and evaluating performance).

RSM will support the assessment of necessary skills, and provide training content for members of the internal audit department. General or in-depth training content will be developed to ensure that this department's personnel requirements are met.

With its performance review service, RSM will help strengthen the quality of the Internal Audit department and contribute to performance improvement through objective and independent assessments to ensure it is up and running in accordance to the spirit and content required by relevant standards.

We will assist in assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your internal audit department by benchmarking it against your internal audit policy, stakeholder expectations, and market-leading practices.

Our services

  • Performing internal audit services

  • On-demand operational review/outsourced service

  • Reviewing the quality of internal audit activities

  • Assessment of compliance with corporate governance regulations

  • Internal Control System Review

  • Provide risk management services


Nguyễn Thành Lâm

​Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam

Managing Partner

P: 0988 139 091


Hoàng Thị Vinh

​Ms. Hoang Thi Vinh

Audit Director  

P: 0988 139 091




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