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Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam, MBA (University of Sydney), CPA (Australia), CPA (Vietnam)

Deputy General Director of RSM Vietnam

Director of RSM Hanoi

Mr. Lam is a well-known expert in the fields of auditing, accounting, IFRS, and finance in Vietnam, and currently holds the position of Deputy General Director cum Head of Hanoi Office at RSM Vietnam. With almost 30 years of experience, Mr. Lam has provided independent auditing, tax, and financial consulting services to multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, private economic groups, individuals, and listed companies in Vietnam.

Prior to joining RSM Vietnam, Mr. Lam worked as a Senior Audit Manager at a Big4 Vietnam auditing company for 9 years. He was then awarded an Australian Government scholarship to pursue a Master's degree in Financial Accounting at the University of Sydney, a prestigious university in Australia. With his deep understanding of accounting, tax, and financial regulations, Mr. Lam is committed to delivering the most effective and optimal solutions to his clients.

Having worked with a diverse range of clients, including multinational corporations, private economic groups, state-owned corporations, and listed companies, Mr. Lam possesses extensive professional experience in providing auditing, accounting, and financial consulting services in Vietnam. His contributions have played a vital role in assisting listed companies in Vietnam to comply strictly with accounting and tax regulations, ensure transparency and honesty in financial statements, enhance competitiveness, and build trust with shareholders and stakeholders.

With his expertise and experience, Mr. Lam is a dependable partner in the field of auditing, accounting, and financial consulting in Vietnam. He is committed to delivering high-quality audit services that adhere to international auditing standards and auditing regulations for listed companies in Vietnam, thereby adding value to his clients.

Mr. Le Duy Trung (CPA Vietnam)

Deputy General Director of RSM Hanoi


Mr. Trung is the Deputy Director and heads the Construction Audit Services department at RSM Vietnam Auditing & Consulting Co., Ltd. With his extensive experience in completing construction audits and consulting on the preparation of finalization reports for completed works, Mr. Trung is a valuable asset to the team.

Having earned his Certificate of Practice as a Construction Valuation Engineer and Certificate of Bidding Practice, Mr. Trung has over 20 years of experience in auditing completed project settlements. Prior to joining RSM Vietnam, Mr. Trung worked at Vietnam Auditing Company - VACO in 2001, where he gained profound experience in auditing completed investment capital settlement reports, verification audits, valuation of completed works, and consulting on making finalization reports of completed works for large state-owned enterprises and ministries such as the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Ms. Hoang Thi Vinh, CPA (Vietnam)

Director of Audit

Ms. Hoang Thi Vinh is the Director of Audit at RSM Vietnam, with over 20 years of experience in the auditing, accounting, and consulting industries. As a trusted member of the team, she is responsible for overseeing contracts to provide auditing, accounting, consulting, and training services for multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, private sector corporations, and listed companies in Vietnam.

Ms. Vinh has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge across multiple industries, and she always works closely with clients throughout the audit process to understand their challenges and provide the most suitable solutions for their development.

Furthermore, Ms. Vinh is a senior expert who regularly participates in in-depth research with the Ministry of Finance, Vietnam Securities Commission, HOSE, and HNX, providing valuable insights into upcoming changes that may impact clients' operations. Her expertise and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the RSM Vietnam team.



Mr. Mai Quang Phuc, CPA (Vietnam)

Senior Audit Manager

Mr. Mai Quang Phuc is currently serving as the Senior Audit Manager at RSM Vietnam's Hanoi Office. With extensive experience and exceptional work capacity, Mr. Phuc was appointed by RSM Vietnam to oversee auditing and consulting services for a diverse range of clients, including multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, private sector firms, and listed companies across Vietnam.

Apart from his expertise in leading RSM Vietnam's key audits and consulting projects, Mr. Phuc has also played an integral role in developing the company's culture and strategy, demonstrating the company's integrity, professionalism, high responsibility, and innovative abilities. His contributions have been highly valued and trusted by RSM Vietnam over the years.

With over 15 years of experience in auditing and consulting for multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, private economic groups, and listed companies in Vietnam, Mr. Phuc has earned significant recognition and respect from major clients and partners in the industry for his insightful opinions and financial advice, accompanying the development of his clients' businesses.



Mr. Bui Manh Quan, CPA (Vietnam)

Senior Manager, Tax and Consulting

With more than 10 years of experience in tax consulting and corporate risk management, Mr. Quan is currently holding the position of Senior Tax Manager at RSM Vietnam - Hanoi Office and is in charge of consulting services, tax compliance, customs, transfer pricing services provided to multinational companies and large corporations in Vietnam.

Mr. Quan has led, directed and contributed a significant part to tax planning and compliance consulting work for large companies in Vietnam, which is highly trusted by the clients. In addition to working experience at RSM, Mr. Quan has held senior positions as Director of Tax Department in several other multinational companies and corporations.





Ms. Chu Thi Lan Phuong, CPA (Vietnam)

Senior Tax Manager

Ms. Phuong is a highly experienced tax consultant for multinational corporations and large domestic corporations, currently serving as the Senior Tax Manager at RSM Vietnam - Hanoi office.

Prior to joining the management team at RSM Vietnam, Ms. Phuong served as a Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Finance for 15 years. During her tenure, she provided expert advice to numerous multinational corporations on investment structures, investment strategies, tax compliance planning, and internal tax regulation drafting.

Ms. Phuong has also represented various companies in dealings with the Tax Authority and Related Agencies regarding foreign investment and tax policies. She has maintained excellent relationships with tax authorities and other regulatory bodies.

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