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Internship Program


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RSM Vietnam

Internship program

Have you ever pondered

I don’t know what to prepare when leaving the university to join the working world which is becoming more and more prefessional and dynamic in Vietnam?

How can I build a growth mindset, build a self-worth system to become a successful person?

What beliefs, values and attitudes do I need to establish, what goals should I set, and what actions should I take to become an excellent tax advisor or auditor? Although I study hard, there’s nothing for me to out from my peers?

 RSM Vietnam Explorer program is designed to equip you with you the secret and formula for career success.

Experience exciting activities during the program

Work environment
RSM Vietnam

Professional, friendly working environment where you can unleash your creativity every day.

Work plan
RSM Vietnam

A clear work and study plan to keep you motivated. A clear career path.

Professional training
RSM Vietnam

Professional training in auditing and consulting from theory to practice

Why did you choose RSM Vietnam?

Discover yourself with attractive career opportunities

RSM Vietnam is not only a place to start your career, it is also your career partner. You have ambition and talent, let's work with RSM Vietnam to start your career.

Experience corporate culture

Whether your ambition is to become a Partner or a leading expert in auditing, tax, financial consulting, RSM Vietnam will provide you with the opportunity and necessary tools to discover your potential and open the door to success

Reward and achievement policy

Reward and recognition are key factors in motivating employees and their commitment to the organization. At RSM Vietnam, we are especially interested in developing a reward policy, a mechanism for recognizing your achievements and contributions.

1. Learning & Development

Learning and Development at RSM.png

You will have the opportunity to be trained and study in the environment of a leading auditing and tax consulting firm in Vietnam. With our goal of developing future leaders, we provide you with the learning opportunities, guidance and experience you need to succeed. We focus on 3 elements - Learning, Instruction and Experience. RSM Vietnam's learning and development method is built on the 70/20/10 model. This is a model that focuses on the learner's experience rather than the teacher-centered approach like traditional methods. This special program is tailored to your own needs and skills.


70% of learning will be through work and experience.


You will able to work directly with challenging professional jobs and thereby applying the knowledge learned in practice. These experiences will help you learn and develop your capability quickly. Besides, you also have the opportunity to improve skills such as teamwork, decision-making and negotiation skills.

20% of learning will be through others


We are always with you on your journey to becoming the future leader. You will receive dedicated guidance from a “mentor” through professional exchanges from the very first day of work. The “mentor” will give you advice and share experiences to help you achieve the fastest growth.

10% of learning will be through internal training


At RSM, we focus on the quality and effectiveness of employee training. You will be participating in a training program in accordance with the competency framework, from highly qualified and reputable experts. The learning process will be monitored and evaluated to ensure timely and prompt feedback. You can study anytime, anywhere depending on your work needs through E-learning. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to participate in RSM International training courses with famous speakers and leading experts from RSM International Executive Office as well as member companies around the world. You will experience a professional training environment and apply the most modern digital technology.

RSM Vietnam
RSM Vietnam

2. A 5-year journey of excitement

This will be a challenging 5-year journey but the results are well worth your efforts. When you successfully complete your internship, you have the opportunity to become a full-time employee at RSM.

RSM career development.png

Year 1 – Associate 1

What you’ll develop:

  • You learn and share our culture and belief, so that you can act with integrity and  uphold professional standards at all times.

  • You learn and take the time to develop  your effective personal approach to work.

  • You learn how to communicate with  confidence.

  • You learn and build up technical and people  skills that will set you apart from the crowd.

  • You make great friends with like-minded people

  • You are assigned a coach on day one to help you develop your skills, diversify your experiences and reach your goals.

  • You work at client’ site, learning to overcome challenges, gaining experience and getting real insight into their business.


What you’ll get

  • Gained on the job experience

  • Balanced client work and studying

  • Gained best skills

Year 2 – Associate 2

What you’ll develop

  • You build and develop more technical and people expertise and skill

  • You get more experienced, work more  efficient and enjoy the challenge.

  • You experience our learning &  development approach which help you  learn faster and smarter.

  • You build and maintain strong and  authentic relationships with our people and client personnel.

  • You are assigned to be a buddy to help the new first years and reach their goals.

  • You start studying professional qualifications (CPA Vietnam, ACCA, CPA Australia, ICAEW).

What you’ll get

  • Became a role model for associate team members

  • Gained technical & people capabilities

  • Passed first year exams of professional qualifications

Year 3 – Senior 1

What you’ll develop

  • You develop your business, technical and people capabilities

  • Your assigned work become more varied.

  • You work with talented people and leaders who inspire

  • You are passionate about providing exceptional services.

What you’ll get

  • Gained business acumen

  • Gained specialist skills which help to define you in the next level.

  • Passed second year exams of professional qualifications.

Year 4 – Senior 2

What you’ll develop

  • You enjoy managing your own time and projects

  • You share your knowledge, to deliver insights, with others.

  • You maintain professional standards and always produce high  quality work.

  • You keep up-to-date with business and industry trends.

  • You bring fresh insights to our clients and RSM Vietnam.

  • You embrace and identify client opportunities and pitch for new work.

  • You personalise your career path according to your career aspirations.

What you’ll get

  • Qualified as a certified public accountant (CPA holder)

  • Experienced a variety of work

  • Developed my career path with People Manager

  • Gained report writing and presentation skills

Year 5 – Senior 3/Manager

What you’ll develop

  • You work toward becoming a manager, promote to Manager level (depending on performance)

  • You lead and develop teams that deliver effective results

  • You expose to board level management and more challenging  role with clients

  • You become a trusted advisor, creating real value to my clients

  • You build leadership and development skills

  • You enjoy Internal, external and overseas mobility opportunities

  • You continue to develop technical and specialist skills according to your future career aspirations


What you’ll get

  • You grow into a positive role model and leaders

  • You become key member of your department.

Benefits of joining the program


We sponsored 100% of ACCA certificate tuition fees from F1 to F9 for 5 students with the best internship results and commitment to stay and work at RSM Vietnam.


You never feel alone at RSM Vietnam. Right from the first day, you WILL have a mentor to follow you closely in your daily work, helping you to learn professional skills and audit and tax professional skills to overcome the initial confusion and grow up quickly each day.


We help you practice positive thinking skills and the right professional attitude to equip you with a successful method and working style for the career in auditing and tax consulting


You are financially supported during the internship in accordance with the policies and regulations of RSM Vietnam.


We help you activate your passion and career inspiration, nurture enthusiasm and inspire creativity every day to help you confidently create the first foundation on the way to becoming an audit and tax consultant.


Attending the RSM Vietnam Careers Explorer program is a necessary stepping stone to help you build a career. You will have the opportunity to participate in our program ‘RSM Vietnam Future Leaders Vietnam’ (Link to Future Leaders program).

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