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Business Analytics & Digitalisation


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Business Analytics & Digitalisation

In today’s digital environment, many businesses are collecting a lot of data but its potential remains untapped. Besides, as a business owner, the idea of digitalisation and data analytics may seem overwhelmingly complex. Although technology is playing an ever-greater role in streamlining operations, delivering operational resilience, and unlocking value, both in human and organisational potential in a rapidly changing and digitally driven business world but they do not know how to fully exploit it.


In today’s marketplace, gaining a deeper perspective on your data is critical for developing a foundation that effectively guides the direction of your business. From understanding customer preferences and employee satisfaction drivers to outlining product demand patterns, middle market organizations now have access to advanced data tools and concepts that were previously available only to larger organizations.   

RSM’s analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions help you achieve a host of targeted business outcomes, including increasing profitability, enabling data-driven decisions, improving operational efficiency and managing risk. With our extensive work across a host of industries, we understand the insights you need to gain from your volumes of data.


From identifying pain points to providing tailored data science and technological solutions, our experts empower you by creating value and future-proofing your businesses. Our data analysts can focus on linking analytics directly to decision making, taking the necessary actions, and measuring the outcome in order to deliver incremental value to your business. We can help you solve your business challenges based on the specific needs of your business and industry by these smart things:


Nguyễn Thành Lâm

​Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam

Managing Partner

P: 0988 139 091


Hoàng Thị Vinh

​Ms. Hoang Thi Vinh

Audit Director  

P: 0988 139 091


Our Transaction Advisory Services


Business Intelligence

We deploy business intelligence tools to integrate data from multiple systems for real-time and interactive reporting of your financials KPIs and operational data. This enhances management overview of performance.


We provide you with robotic process automation (“RPA”) services to automate repetitive tasks such as data cleansing, merging, reconciliation, calculations as well as report generation and formatting.

Natural language processing

Using this technique, we help you analyse your customer’s online reviews, emails, or any unstructured text information to evaluate their sentiments and satisfaction with your products and services.

Artificial intelligence

We can help you apply artificial intelligence or advanced statistical techniques to draw deep insights based on your marketing, operational, customer, finance, or sales data.

Process enhancements

Using process mining techniques, we study your processes (e.g. purchase-to-pay) to identify non-compliance with internal policies, as well as potential bottlenecks in your processes.

Data warehousing

We can assist you to deploy ERP, CRM or operational systems to manage your data. We can also help you design data warehouses to consolidate information from various systems for integrative analysis.


Contact us and we can help you. Leveraging data to drive your business objectives.


Risk management advisory

Human resource consulting

Transaction advisory

Business analytics and digital transformation


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