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Corporate Income Tax Services

Corporate Income Tax (''CIT') is one of the most important taxes. It is associated with all the production and business activities. It also has a profound influence on the investment, business, and financial planning activities of the enterprises. Along with the continuous development and transformation of the enterprises, CIT regulations are also updated and amended constantly to keep pace with the Government’s socio-economic development strategies.


However, due to these ongoing changes, several Enterprises including the ones which have a significant business volume and strictly comply with the regulations have to face difficulties and obstacles in seizing and executing the guidances legitimately and properly. This situation leads to several risks regarding tax arrears, administrative fines, and late payment charges upon the tax inspection. There are some typical risks as follows:


  • Risk of overdue filling and paying CIT;


  • Risk of regulatory non-compliance when paying temporary CIT ;


  • Risk of regulatory non-compliance when applying preferential CIT rates;


  • Risk of regulatory non-compliance when determining the deductible expenses, especially the high-risk ones such as management fees, interest expenses of enterprises that have transactions with related parties, etc...


  • Risk of untimely updating periodical tax regulations which may take  effect from the middle of the year or apply to previous tax periods, hence not having suitable tax plans;


  • Other qualitative risks;


Therefore, enterprises should have a creditworthy and active partner to be a companion and support in following and reviewing the issues and potential tax risks promptly. Understanding that needs, RSM’s qualified tax professionals are always willing to provide the enterprise with helpful services to make sure that the enterprise is complying with the regulations as well as avoiding the tax risks to save cost. Moreover, with the strong bond with the authorities including the General Department of Taxation, Local tax departments, and others, we will be a helpful assistant in working with the government and the competent authorities.


Our services include:


  • CIT finalization return preparation assistance service;

  • Professional tax review service;

  • Periodical tax retainer service;

  • Tax inspection support service;

  • Case-by-case tax consulting service;

  • DTA application request assistance service;

  • Government relationship support service.


Contact us to find out more.


Nguyễn Thành Lâm

​Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam

Managing Partner

P: 0988 139 091


Bùi Mạnh Quân

Mr. Bui Manh Quan

Senior Manager Tax & Consulting

P: 0988 139 091


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