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RSM Hanoi Office News




On September 19, the annual strategy meeting for 2020 was held at RSM Hanoi office. The meeting set out the strategic directions of RSM Hanoi for the upcoming challenging financial year.

Sept 19, 2020



RSM Vietnam (VP Hanoi) also called on employees to donate to help the people in the Central region. RSM Hanoi has cooperated with benefactors inside and outside the Company to be able to bring the gifts to people in Quang Minh - Ba Don - Quang Binh.

July 25, 2020


Ms. Hoang Thi Van

In charge of communication

P: 0988.139,090

E: van.hoang


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January 11, 2021

2020 has been a year of upheaval and challenges. The great family of RSM Hanoi has worked together and tried tirelessly to overcome all the difficulties and accompany customers in VIetnam and abroad.


June 15, 2020

Team spirit is what keeps RSM where we ảe today and helps us grow. Our success is built by each member of RSM Hanoi family. Employee development is at the heart of our culture. That contributes to creating a close, positive working environment, creating opportunities for gratitude and recognition of employees' contributions, and helps us provide differentiated services to our customers.

Nhà lãnh đạo tương lai 2019.jpg

June 15, 2019

The RSM Vietnam Future Leaders Program 2019 is conducted to find young talents with ambitions for career development and capacity building to become our future leaders. The program is designed based on a 5-year timeframe, which outlines the path for you to become an Audit Manager. This program is built on the RSM Vietnam Career Development Roadmap.

RSM Vietnam Careers Explorer 2019jpg

August 15, 2020

RSM Vietnam Careers Explorer is a comprehensive internship program which is built based on the new standards of RSM Vietnam, giving you many opportunities for auditing training, in-depth tax consulting, important skills training classes and internships.

RSM Vietnam Careers Explorer 2019.jpg

January 15, 2019

One of the core values which contributes to the success of RSM Hanoi is 'Human Development'. At RSM Hanoi, the growth of the staff is the growth of the whole organization. Team spirit is the value that helps us to cooperate effectively. RSM Hanoi's annual Team Building activity is one of our 'People Development' programs which help us cultivates sincere cooperation.

RSM Team building 2019.jpg

Sept 27, 2018

Every year, all RSM members from all over the world gather for a special event - RSM World Day to share our core values ​​and unite to understand each other better. This year's RSM World Day was held on September 27 with the participation of more than 800 offices in 120 countries.

RSM World Day 2018.jpg
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