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What benefits does RSM Vietnam's tax finalization service bring to businesses?

Our tax finalization service helps clients comprehensively and timely address tax finalization and accounting-related issues across all areas of business operations. With over 20 years of experience in the tax field and serving over 2,000 domestic and multinational businesses, RSM Vietnam takes pride in being a tax expert in Vietnam.

Tax Finalization Service

1. The activities performed as part of the tax finalization service include

Organizing and reviewing documents, invoices, and accounting records before tax finalization

  • Receiving documents, invoices, and records from clients.

  • Properly categorizing documents in accordance with regulations.

  • Preparing accounting documents as required.

  • Creating records for imports, exports, revenue, and expenses.

  • Preparing bank-related documents and other accounting records.

  • Drafting administrative procedure documents, paperwork, and contracts.

  • Maintaining a complete set of documents to ensure tax finalization compliance.

Completing the accounting bookkeeping system

  • Creating detailed ledger accounts: Inventory, accounts receivable, allocation, depreciation, payroll, etc.

  • Establishing ledger accounts for various financial accounts.

  • Creating a general journal.

  • Creating special journals.

  • Printing a set of document ledger books, including: Statement of changes in equity, Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash flow statement.

Analyzing expenses, revenue, and performing profit and loss analysis

  • Analyzing tax and accounting risks for clients in the process of retaining business documents to prevent losses and ensure compliance for the business.

  • Balancing inventory, various expenses, and profits to ensure business plans and benefits are safeguarded.

Compiling reports and records

  • Preparing Value Added Tax (VAT) filing documents: VAT declaration forms, reports on invoice usage, settlement reports on invoice usage.

  • Preparing Corporate Income Tax (CIT) settlement: Quarterly provisional tax declaration forms, annual CIT settlement.

  • Preparing Personal Income Tax (PIT) filing documents: Quarterly PIT declaration forms; annual PIT settlement declaration forms.

  • Preparing annual financial statements.

  • Conducting on-site tax inspections: Engaging in direct discussions and explanations with tax inspectors during actual tax settlements.

2. Why should businesses use year-end tax finalization services?

  • Receive in-depth, free tax and accounting advice for the business to avoid errors when receiving documents and invoices while entering into contracts with partners.

  • Save time by reducing the need for excessive back-and-forth processes.

  • Review, supplement, and adjust tax returns previously submitted to tax authorities; simultaneously, audit previous tax return documents and invoices to assist with any arising tax liabilities that the company has not yet settled.

  • Act as a representative for the business in explaining data when requested by regulatory authorities.

3. RSM Vietnam's Commitment

With over 20 years of experience in providing year-end tax finalization services, RSM Vietnam understands that TIMELINESS and RESPONSIBILITY are always placed at the forefront of the work process.

  • Ensure that the year-end tax finalization process is completed on schedule.

  • Take responsibility for the accuracy of the figures in the year-end tax finalization documents.

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What benefits does RSM Vietnam's tax finalization service bring to businesses?



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