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Seminar: Opportunity for M&A activities in Vietnam

On February 8, 2021, RSM Vietnam and TBA (Thai Business Association) successfully organized the seminar with the topic 'Opportunity for M&A activities in Vietnam'

Mr. Le Khanh Lam, Deputy General Director of RSM Vietnam, Director of Tax Consulting Department and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam, Deputy General Director of RSM Vietnam were the main speakers of this training course.

RSM Vietnam would like to help Thai businesses in Vietnam understand the key tax issues. In addition, we would like to provide them with a general view of M&A activities in Vietnam, domestic market and global economy.

Mr. Le Khanh Lam - Deputy General Manager of RSM Vietnam is sharing with investors the overview of the M&A market in Vietnam as well as opportunities and challenges for investors when participating in this market.

The exchange and question-and-answer session between the Speakers - Investors attending the program brought a lot of practical knowledge to investors.

RSM Vietnam regularly brings a series of seminars and events on investment and M&A activities to help customers and investors with rich experience and understanding of this market to make the most reasonable investment decisions.




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