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Da Nang cooperates with RSM Vietnam to promote investment attraction

The Management Board of Da Nang High-Tech Parks, Industrial Parks and RSM Vietnam Auditing & Consulting Company (referred to as RSM Vietnam) signed a cooperation agreement in investment promotion and attraction.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Tien, Deputy Head of Management of Da Nang High-Tech Park and Industrial Parks (DHPiZA) said that DHPiZA has just signed a cooperation agreement with RSM Vietnam.

Da Nang and RSM Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement in investment promotion and attraction

At the signing ceremony, Deputy Head of DHPiZA informed that in the coming time, the unit will strengthen and further promote investment promotion activities in key domestic and foreign markets, attract large and multinational corporations with global presence and strong financial resources.

Mr. Tien also appreciated RSM Vietnam for supporting DHPiZA in the evaluation and appraisal of investment projects in Da Nang High-Tech Park in recent years; At the same time, the signing will create opportunities for both sides to promote their strengths, serving for long-term and sustainable development.

Speaking on behalf of DHPiZA

According to Mr. Le Khanh Lam, Deputy General Director of RSM Vietnam: The Company and DHPiZA coordinate in the promotion and attraction of investment; as well as supporting domestic and foreign investors and enterprises in the process of understanding, operating and developing investment and business activities in High-Tech Parks and Industrial Parks of Da Nang. This is an opportunity for two sides to strengthen relations, maintain and promote many important connections in the future.

RSM Vietnam Company will enhance the introduction of the environment and investment potential in Da Nang City to the business community, foreign investors who are partners of the company; at the same time, propose and participate in investment promotion plans, contribute content to investment promotion publications of DHPiZA.

In addition, RSM Vietnam also consulted and commented to DHPiZA on the project dossier, investor situation within the scope of expertise and resources allowed.

Da Nang and RSM Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement in investment promotion and attraction

On DHPiZA's side, the unit will provide information, collect opinions and survey businesses about problems and risks encountered for RSM Vietnam to learn and plan appropriate support activities.

It is known that RSM Vietnam is a company specializing in providing professional auditing, accounting and business consulting services established in 7/2001, and has been a member of RSM International Group since 2012.




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