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IAB World Survey shows RSM generating the highest growth amongst our competitors

The official results from the IAB World Survey shows that RSM retains sixth ranking of networks by fee income. In 2021, RSM growth jumped by 15.8% to $7.26bn from $6.3 billion.

It’s our Member Firms’ hardwork and determination that contributed to the outstanding growth of 16% in fee income. By being resilient and deligent, all members in the world of RSM have together overcome the difficulties and challenges in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These latest figures mark the seventh consecutive year of strong growth globally. The year 2021 saw RSM Member Firms transition from supporting clients through the pandemic to investing in a radically different post-pandemic future. The adoption of new technology, evolving sustainability commitments and a wave of M&A activity among the global middle market were key drivers of growth.

In the context of global escalation of complexity, we know that there will be wider global impact for our clients, colleagues and Firms across the Network. RSM will draw on the strength of our global community, connections and purpose to come together as the world faces another potential economic crisis.




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