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RSM invests in the future of audit with new data-powered technology

RSM International, the leading global organisation providing audit, tax and consulting services to growth oriented, ambitious companies, announces its partnership with Kingland, a technology platform provider of independence, compliance management, risk management, and data analytics. Facilitating RSM’s speed to market, the Kingland Platform will include:

  • Easy access to quality data to enable timely and informed, data-driven decisions

  • Agility of technology and processes to meet changing regulatory and client needs

  • Enhanced independence and compliance management through automation

Marion Hannon, Global Leader of Quality and Risk, said:

“Quality is the bedrock of our network and a common foundation across all of our Member Firms. Investing in our partnership with Kingland to develop this business-critical system emphasises our commitment to quality in serving our clients. For some time, Kingland has been a leading provider of independence compliance systems to global networks of accounting firms - and I am excited that this global technology will provide a consistent, simplified and integrated user experience for all RSM people which will ultimately bring great benefits to the clients of RSM.”

For 20 years, Kingland has managed and expanded the industry’s most comprehensive technology platform for independence and compliance management. Kingland has spent years designing and investing in an integrated foundation of componentry that enables organizations to meet the requirements of regulators and the needs of the business. The Kingland Platform is the most trusted platform across the industry, providing the cornerstone for improving compliance rates, enabling data-driven decisions, and simplifying the user experience.

Alex Olson, Executive Vice President, Kingland, said:

“We are delighted to be working with RSM in meeting the unique demands of its large global footprint and diverse customer base in an ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment.

When it comes to data, within all corners of the business, our mission, through our technology platform, is to protect the data from all threats and vulnerabilities, along with meeting independence compliance requirements and enhancing business growth which adds value to our customers and in turn, to their clients.”

Peter Oastler, Global Leader of Ethics and Independence, said:

“With RSM’s ambitious growth strategy, as we continue to expand our global client base and service offerings, we are focused on maintaining quality and compliance. Having a global system that is agile to support our continued business growth and developing regulation will help us to maintain compliance in what is, undoubtedly, a very complex and fast-moving regulatory landscape.”

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