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Future Leaders RSM Vietnam 2019

The RSM Vietnam Future Leaders Program 2019 is conducted to find young talents with ambitions for career development and capacity building to become our future leaders. The program is designed based on a 5-year timeframe, which outlines the path for you to become an Audit Manager. This program is built on the RSM Vietnam Career Development Roadmap.

With the goal of developing future leaders, RSM Hanoi provides you with the learning, mentoring and experiencing opportunities you need to succeed, focusing on 3 elements - Learning, Instruction and Experience. This special program is tailored to your unique needs and skills.

This year's program has attracted the participation of nearly 400 students from top universities in the country. All of them are talented candidates for the position of future leaders at RSM Vietnam.




Bạn mong muốn nhận được tư vấn của đội ngũ chuyên gia RSM Việt Nam, vui lòng gửi câu hỏi tại đây

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