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Training course: Update on Tax policy for petroleum business

On December 6, 2019, at Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh, RSM Vietnam collaborated with Skypec - a member of Vietnam Airlines to organize a training course. The course was devided into 2 sections:

  1. Sharing working experience in general tax audit and transfer price.

  2. Tax update 2019 for finance, accounting and tax officers of Skypec.

RSM Vietnam Experts Mr. Le Khanh Lam, Deputy General Director of RSM Vietnam, Director of Tax Consulting Department and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam, Deputy General Director of RSM Vietnam were the main trainers of this course.

A large number of representatives of Skypec company leaders attended the training course "Update tax policy for petroleum business" organized by RSM Vietnam.

Representatives of Skypec Leaders took souvenir photos with RSM Vietnam after the end of the course.

RSM Vietnam attended Gala Dinner organized by Skypec after the course

RSM Vietnam Representative - Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam (Deputy General Director of RSM Vietnam) is also the keynote speaker and lecturer of this training course.

Nguồn: RSM Việt Nam




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