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Introducing Taxbook 2023 - RSM Vietnam

Taxbook 2023 - RSM Vitenam updates the latest tax regulations until June, 2023 that could significantly affect businesses operating in Vietnam.

Taxbook 2023 - RSM Vietnam

Compiled by leading tax experts and consultants at RSM Vietnam, Taxbook 2023 provides businesses with easy-to-understand interpretations of complex tax concepts, legal documents as well as current tax practices.

Whether you're a seasoned Tax professional or a beginner to learn about Taxation, Taxbook 2023 is a must-see publication, an essential tool for anyone looking to read about the latest tax laws and regulations.

Currently, RSM's Taxbook 2023 publication has completed the editorial process.

Download the attached PDF file at the bottom.

Taxbook 2023 - RSMVN
Download PDF • 1.70MB


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