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Future Leaders RSM Vietnam 2020

Team spirit is what keeps RSM where we ảe today and helps us grow. Our success is built by each member of RSM Hanoi family. Employee development is at the heart of our culture. That contributes to creating a close, positive working environment, creating opportunities for gratitude and recognition of employees' contributions, and helps us provide differentiated services to our customers.

RSM Vietnam Future Leaders program is designed based on a 5-year timeframe that outlines your path to becoming an Audit Manager. Your 5-year development plan will be filled with challenges and different experiences. At each stage of this plan, we'll be with you to help you achieve success and take the next step in your career. You will understand why our culture focuses on your solid growth. From the first day at work until the 5 years at RSM Hanoi, we are always with you.

The Future Leaders Program 2020 of RSM Hanoi has attracted the participation of hundreds of excellent students from top universities in the country such as Foreign Trade University, National Economics University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology, Institute of Finance, Banking Academy, Hanoi University, University of Commerce, etc.

Coming to RSM Vietnam's Future Leaders 2020 program of RSM Hanoi, enthusiastic and ambitious students had the opportunity to show their abilities through intense competitions. This is a useful playground and also an open door to bring desirable career opportunities for you in the future.




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