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CBAM Declaration - Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Since October 2023, Vietnam's exports to the European Union (EU) have been encountering a new and promising challenge: the pilot implementation of carbon taxation - the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

In the second phase of CBAM, starting from January 2026, EU companies importing goods in six pollution-intensive sectors are required to pay increasingly higher carbon taxes annually to align with the EU's carbon market prices. Specifically:

  • Cement

  • Iron and steel

  • Aluminium

  • Fertilizers

  • Electricity

  • Hydrogen

RSM Vietnam accompanies and supports businesses in greenhouse gas reporting, advises and develops greenhouse gas emission reduction pathways, and prepares CBAM declarations regarding carbon emissions. These services cater to businesses aiming to export products to the EU market. These services are tailored to meet the needs of businesses, ensuring efficient inventory auditing and maximizing cost savings with the following roadmap:

Five key reasons why businesses need guidance and declaration for CBAM:

  • Complexity: CBAM imposes complex requirements for declaration and compliance, especially regarding the measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Transparency and Compliance: CBAM demands high transparency levels regarding greenhouse gas emissions generated from the production process.

  • Legal and Financial Risk Awareness: Non-compliance with CBAM can pose significant legal and financial risks for businesses.

  • Profit and Cost Optimization: Assisting businesses in optimizing production processes and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to minimize CBAM fees.

  • Regulatory Updates: CBAM regulations may change over time and across industries in the future.

Benefits of CBAM reporting:

  • Fulfilling obligations with state environmental management agencies.

  • Proactively understanding emission levels to build a carbon emission reduction foundation for the business.

  • Actively developing emission reduction pathways in the future, mitigating risks related to exceeding emission standards and progressing towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

  • Creating a competitive advantage for climate-related products, protecting the environment.

  • Increasing transparency regarding greenhouse gas emissions, thus enhancing the company's image and position.

RSM Vietnam is committed to providing businesses with valuable solutions at the most suitable cost. Get advice from RSM Vietnam's top experts today!




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