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Mastering Mergers and Acquisitions: Key Insights into M&A Services

M&A is a very common term in business and investment professionals in general. The M&A activity itself is meaningful and important to the companies involved, their shareholders, employees, and the business landscape.

1. What is M&A?

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a strategic activity that involves the consolidation of businesses through mergers or acquisitions to gain control of part or all of a target business.

Investopedia, a well-known business & investment glossary, defines M&A as: "A general term describing the consolidation of companies and assets through various types of financial transactions. including mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, public tenders, asset acquisitions, and acquisition management.

M&A được định nghĩa là :"Một thuật ngữ chung mô tả việc hợp nhất các công ty và tài sản thông qua các loại giao dịch tài chính khác nhau, bao gồm sáp nhập, mua lại, hợp nhất, chào mua công khai, mua tài sản và công tác quản lý mua lại
M&A is defined as: "A general term describing the consolidation of companies and assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, public offers, acquisitions, and acquisitions. Asset and acquisition management

Mergers require the consolidation of companies of equal size, resulting in the formation of a new legal entity. In this case, all assets, common interests, rights, and obligations of the merged or acquired company are assimilated by the merging entity. The merger represents the convergence of businesses, united by common interests, into a new legal entity. The merged legal entity assumes ownership of all previous assets, interests, rights, and obligations of the merged company. It is the epitome of the collaborative effort pursued by two businesses for the common good.

Acquisition, on the other hand, involves a dominant entity acquiring smaller or weaker businesses while preserving its existing legal status. The acquiring company assumes legal ownership of the acquired business. An acquisition represents the purchase of a smaller or financially vulnerable business by a larger business that retains its original legal status. The acquiring company gains control and legal ownership of the acquired business.

M&A transactions go beyond mere share ownership, including active participation and decision-making regarding key aspects of the merged or acquired business. These transactions bring many advantages to businesses, including expanding market share, improving operational efficiency, optimizing the workforce, reducing costs, and the opportunity to take advantage of transferred technologies. M&A deals empower businesses to leverage synergy and unlock significant value.

Embrace the dynamic M&A sector, where businesses forge alliances, push new boundaries and tap into synergistic potentials to propel the corporate world forward.

2. What is M&A consulting?

M&A consulting refers to the practice of providing strategic advice and guidance to organizations involved in mergers and acquisitions (Merger & Acquisition). M&A transactions involve mergers of companies, where one company acquires another, or two companies merge to form a new entity.

Các công ty tư vấn M&A cung cấp kiến thức chuyên môn chuyên sâu để giúp khách hàng điều hướng quá trình giao dịch M&A phức tạp
M&A consulting firms provide in-depth expertise to help clients navigate the complex M&A transaction process

M&A consulting firms serve as indispensable partners, providing clients with profound expertise to navigate the intricacies of M&A transactions. These firms offer a range of services that encompass:

  1. Strategic Planning: M&A consultants collaborate with clients to develop strategic plans that align their business goals with potential mergers or acquisitions. They identify suitable targets and opportunities to drive successful transactions.

  2. Due Diligence: Thorough due diligence is conducted on target companies, evaluating their financial, operational, and legal aspects. M&A consultants assist clients in assessing risks and opportunities, enabling informed decision-making.

  3. Valuation: M&A consultants employ in-depth analysis of financial data, market conditions, and industry trends to determine the value of target companies or the overall deal. This aids clients in achieving fair and reasonable valuations.

  4. Deal Structure: Consultants work alongside clients to design M&A deals that optimize value and minimize risk. They craft transaction terms, including purchase price, payment structure, and asset and liability allocation.

  5. Negotiation Support: M&A consultants offer valuable guidance throughout the negotiation process, aiding clients in securing favorable terms. They devise effective negotiation strategies, conduct comprehensive market research, and analyze the positions of potential partners.

  6. Integration Planning: Following the completion of an M&A transaction, consultants assist in seamlessly integrating the two organizations. They develop integration plans, define synergies, and oversee processes to ensure smooth transitions and the realization of anticipated value.

M&A consulting firms often collaborate closely with investment banks, legal advisors, and other professionals involved in the transaction. Their ultimate objective is to empower clients to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risks, and achieve strategic goals through successful M&A transactions.

2.1. Some benefits of M&A for businesses

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) have many important benefits for the businesses involved. Here are some key benefits of M&A:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) offer numerous advantages for the businesses involved, amplifying their growth and success. Here are some pivotal benefits of M&A:

  1. Market Expansion: M&A enables businesses to broaden their market presence by reaching new customers, expanding into new geographic regions, and augmenting their market share. This facilitates greater market penetration and opportunities for growth.

  2. Enhanced Competitiveness: By merging or combining forces with competitive or advantageous partners, enterprises can fortify their competitive edge. The pooling of resources, skills, and technologies creates formidable alliances, positioning businesses favorably in the marketplace.

  3. Asset Value Creation: M&A endeavors can generate substantial asset value for businesses. Through mergers or acquisitions, companies can acquire physical assets, trademarks, intellectual property rights, and a larger customer base, significantly bolstering their overall business value.

  4. Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency: M&A activities often result in cost savings and improved operational efficiency. By streamlining activities and processes, businesses can eliminate duplication, capitalize on economies of scale, and drive greater financial and operational efficiency.

  5. Access to Technology and Innovation: M&A offers a gateway to new technology and innovation capabilities. By acquiring or merging with companies possessing advanced technologies or innovative capabilities, businesses can swiftly adopt cutting-edge solutions, fostering competitiveness and growth within their industry.

  6. Diversification: M&A presents an opportunity for businesses to diversify their activities and ventures across different industries. This diversification strategy helps mitigate risks associated with a single industry or market, leading to a more resilient and well-rounded business portfolio.

In summary, M&A unlocks benefits such as market expansion, heightened competitiveness, asset value creation, cost savings, access to technology and innovation capabilities, and diversification of operations. However, the successful implementation of M&A requires careful execution and professional guidance to ensure these benefits are fully realized.

M&A mang lại lợi ích về mở rộng thị trường, tăng cường năng lực cạnh tranh, tạo ra giá trị tài sản, tiết kiệm chi phí, tiếp cận công nghệ và khả năng đổi mới, cũng như đa dạng hóa hoạt động kinh doanh
M&A brings benefits in terms of market expansion, competitiveness enhancement, asset value creation, cost savings, access to technology and innovation, as well as business diversification.

2.2 Some regulations on M&A under current law

The legal provisions applicable to M&A activities in Vietnam include many legal provisions in different fields, regulating social relationships arising in the process of performing M&A transactions. Specifically, the legal framework for corporate M&A has been specified in a number of legal documents, notably the Enterprise Law.

The implementation of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in Vietnam is governed by regulations outlined in the Enterprise Law and other relevant legal documents. Here are important aspects to be aware of:

  1. M&A License: Acquiring an M&A license from a competent state agency is a prerequisite for conducting M&A activities in Vietnam. This involves preparing the necessary documentation, completing procedural requirements, and undergoing review and approval by state authorities.

  2. Industry Restrictions: Certain industries, such as banking, insurance, oil and gas, finance, healthcare, aviation, and telecommunications, have specific limitations and restrictions on M&A activities. Enterprises engaging in M&A within these sectors must adhere to regulations, conditions, and prescribed procedures.

  3. National Competition and Control: M&A transactions are subject to scrutiny and compliance with national competition and control regulations. Competition authorities and relevant regulatory bodies have the authority to review and oversee M&A activities to ensure fair competition and safeguard national interests.

  4. Protection of Stakeholder Interests: Vietnamese law emphasizes the protection of stakeholder interests throughout the M&A process. This includes safeguarding the rights and interests of shareholders, employees, and other relevant parties, as well as ensuring compliance with regulations pertaining to environmental protection and occupational safety.

It is important to note that the information provided above is a summary and should not substitute a thorough examination and reference to specific legal provisions. To ensure a successful M&A, stakeholders should have a comprehensive understanding of Vietnamese laws and collaborate with legal experts to ensure full compliance with current regulatory frameworks.

3, M&A consulting service of RSM Vietnam

In the realm of complex transactions, numerous factors and pressures come into play. Whether your business is pursuing an acquisition, forging a strategic alliance, raising or investing capital, or engaging in resale or restructuring, the need for accurate, practical, and innovative advice is paramount.

Committed to quality by leading experts, RSM's M&A consulting services are always appreciated.
Committed to quality by leading experts, RSM's M&A consulting services are always appreciated.

We recognize that successful transactions require guidance and support at every stage, from pre-transaction evaluation to transaction completion, and through post-transaction integration or decoupling. Our team of trading and corporate financial services specialists within the extensive RSM network brings a wealth of local country, market, and industry knowledge to offer a tailored blend of technical, commercial, and operational expertise for each unique business case.

Our Diverse Range of Services:

  1. Capital Market: We provide comprehensive support and guidance in capital market transactions. Our expertise spans initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, debt offerings, and other capital-raising initiatives. We assist in the preparation of prospectuses, financial disclosures, and regulatory compliance to ensure successful capital market endeavors.

  2. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Our M&A services cover the entire transaction lifecycle. From strategy development and target identification to due diligence, deal structuring, negotiation support, and post-merger integration, we help clients navigate the complexities of M&A transactions while maximizing value and minimizing risks.

  3. Liquidation: In situations where liquidation is required, we offer guidance and support throughout the process. Our team assists in developing liquidation plans, managing legal and regulatory requirements, addressing creditor claims, and ensuring a smooth wind-down of operations.

  4. Transaction Creation: We aid clients in identifying and creating potential transaction opportunities. By leveraging our market knowledge and network, we assist in evaluating strategic partnerships, joint ventures, alliances, and other transactional structures to support business growth and expansion.

  5. Financial and Tax Due Diligence: Our specialists conduct comprehensive financial and tax due diligence to assess the financial health, risks, and compliance of target companies. Through meticulous analysis, we help clients make informed decisions, uncover potential issues, and mitigate transactional risks.

  6. Building Financial Models: We possess expertise in constructing robust financial models that provide valuable insights for decision-making. Our financial models encompass forecasting, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and valuation, empowering clients to evaluate the financial implications of various strategic options.

  7. Valuation/Appraisal: We offer independent and objective valuation and appraisal services. Whether it's assessing the value of a business, intellectual property, financial instruments, or intangible assets, our team utilizes industry-standard methodologies and in-depth analysis to provide accurate and reliable valuation opinions.


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