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Why do businesses need Tax Inspection Support Services?

Tax inspection support is one of the services that businesses are particularly concerned about. RSM Vietnam, with a team of experienced tax consultants with over 20 years of experience, has been accompanying both domestic and multinational businesses, providing tax audit support services to help clients control their work processes, facilitate communication, and resolve disputes during tax audits and examinations.

Tax inspection support is one of the services that businesses are particularly concerned about

Tax inspections and examinations are important and necessary processes for businesses to enforce tax law compliance and management. To effectively cooperate with tax authorities during tax audits and examinations, businesses need to have a deep understanding of tax laws and practical experience, especially when tax regulations and practices can change significantly during the audit/examination period. Understanding and mastering the audit and examination procedures, as well as the rights and obligations of taxpayers and tax authorities, are crucial.

Many businesses in Vietnam face difficulties when undergoing tax audits and examinations. This is because they often lack a clear understanding of tax regulations and audit/examination procedures, making it challenging to develop clear tax plans and strategies.

Furthermore, working with tax authorities requires a high level of expertise. Therefore, if a business's staff lacks experience and skills in dealing with tax authorities, the business may encounter undesirable situations.

1. Tax inspections can be initiated in various situations, including:

  • When there are signs of tax law violations.

  • To address complaints, accusations, or anti-corruption measures.

  • Based on the risk classification results in tax management.

  • Upon the recommendation of the State Audit, conclusions from State Inspectorate, and other relevant authorities with jurisdiction.

Tax inspection situations

2. Why businesses need Tax Inspection Support Services

Tax authorities are increasing pressure to collect taxes, leading to an uptick in tax audit activities across all tax types.

This heightened pressure forces tax authorities to intensify their audit activities, which can result in larger adjustments. Tax penalties and late payment interest can also increase. Regardless of where a business operates, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of its tax matters. RSM Vietnam's tax consulting experts can help clients prepare for risk management in any tax authority intervention.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in assisting clients in resolving tax disputes while maintaining effective working relationships with tax authorities. We can support clients throughout the dispute resolution process by providing detailed tax law advice.

3. How can RSM Vietnam help your business?

  • We ask the right questions that are tailored to each business's unique situation.

  • Our experts have over 20 years of experience working with tax authorities.

  • We assist clients in selecting and developing an appropriate dispute resolution strategy to efficiently handle tax disputes.

  • RSM Vietnam's services can help clients reduce costs and save time by identifying potential dispute issues early, ultimately saving time and money.

  • We stand by our clients throughout the entire tax audit and inspection process from start to finish.

4. Our services include

  • Drafting official letters to tax authorities when facing issues during the enforcement of tax laws.

  • Submitting to the authorities drafts of legal documents related to tax and customs matters, including opinions to develop and improve tax and customs legislation.

  • Representing businesses in negotiations with tax and customs authorities on unclear matters.

  • Other consulting services related to government relations.

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