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14 Trillion Dong proposed for processing through tax inspections and audits in the first six months

According to the latest announcement from the General Department of Taxation, within the first six months of 2022, tax authorities at all levels have carried out 20,720 tax inspections and audits. The total proposed amount for processing through inspections and audits reached over 13.937 trillion dong. This amount comprises 3.855 trillion dong from increased tax collection through inspections and audits, a reduction of 639 billion dong in deductions, and a decrease of 9.443 trillion dong in losses.

The report on inspection, audit, and anti-tax evasion work in the first six months of the year by the General Department of Taxation indicates that tax authorities at all levels have focused on critical issues in management within the sector, serving the management operations of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation. They have applied inspection and audit principles based on a risk management mechanism.

Specifically, at the beginning of the year, amidst the complex development of the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide, the Tax sector enhanced tax inspection and audits in certain critical areas. Particularly in the real estate sector, following the Ministry of Finance's directives, the General Department of Taxation repeatedly issued directives to local tax authorities to implement synchronized measures aimed at preventing tax losses in real estate business and transfers.

Additionally, tax authorities focused on inspecting and examining companies that experienced growth, were minimally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, or posed high tax-related risks. There was an emphasis on enhancing electronic transactions in tax inspection and audits through the implementation and robust exchange of information and data for inspection and auditing purposes via the Electronic Information Portal of the General Department of Taxation.

Simultaneously, the Tax sector collaborated with local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and relevant departments to implement coordination mechanisms to combat tax evasion, tax fraud, and tax-related crimes. They synchronized measures for tax management concerning e-commerce activities and digital-based businesses operated by foreign providers without a physical presence in Vietnam...

In implementing the inspection and audit plan for 2022, in the first six months of the year, the entire Tax sector conducted 20,720 inspections and audits, examining 276,726 tax declaration files at tax offices. Initial statistics revealed that the total proposed amount for resolution through inspections and audits reached over 13,937 trillion Vietnamese dong. Within this amount, tax increments from inspections and audits were 3,855 trillion dong, reductions in deductions amounted to 639 trillion dong, and loss reductions were 9,443 trillion dong.

Moreover, tax authorities conducted inspections and audits on 74 businesses engaged in related-party transactions. They collected back taxes and imposed fines amounting to 288 billion dong, reduced losses by 488 billion dong, and reduced deductions by 0.87 billion dong. Specifically, inspections and audits related to related-party transactions recovered 187 billion dong and reduced losses by 370 billion dong.

Additionally, the Tax sector intensified effective tax management in e-commerce activities, cross-border transactions, digital economies, and real estate transfers. It efficiently operated the Electronic Information Portal for foreign providers to register, declare, and pay taxes for income received from Vietnam...


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