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In the morning of September 17th, RSM Vietnam - Hanoi Office successfully held a strategic meeting program for 2022 - 2023 with the theme "Transforming Together".

The strategy meeting is always a special event that is expected by all members of RSM Vietnam - Hanoi office (“RSM Hanoi”) every year. This is an opportunity for us to look back on the year's efforts as well as set out strong strategies and goals for the future.

The development strategy of RSM Hanoi in 2022 - 2023 is closely linked to the global RSM Global’s strategy. We focus on the digital transformation platform because RSM Hanoi considers digital transformation as the direction for the upcoming development to be able to provide the best quality services as well as to give customers the best service experience. The results of this meeting will be the foundation for us to build a long-term vision to 2030.

In addition to ambitious development strategies for the future, the meeting was also a chance for RSM Hanoi to discuss important topics such as empowering young leaders, building a happy working environment, and building a positive working environment and digital learning environment. One of RSM Hanoi's strategic priorities is human development, so empowering and nurturing the next generation of young leaders are our focus. We always want to create an environment where each individual has a clear development path and quick career advancement opportunities.

The meeting was successful beyond expectations for setting out strong development strategies for RSM Hanoi in the context that the economy is gradually recovering after the pandemic. This is the foundation as well as the guideline for us in the coming time. We are always committed to accompanying our customers and giving them the strength to confidently step into the future – The Power of Understanding.




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