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Charity activity to help people in the Central region

The people in Central Vietnam are still going through difficult days. Many places are still deep in flood water, many places have receded water, facing the risk of disease and the challenging task of recovering after the flood. With the most cherished affection, the people of the whole country are sending gifts to the Central region with the hope to help the people in need.

RSM Vietnam (VP Hanoi) also called on employees to donate to help the people in the Central region. RSM Hanoi has cooperated with benefactors inside and outside the Company to be able to bring the gifts to people in Quang Minh - Ba Don - Quang Binh.

RSM Hanoi hopes that with the cooperation of the Hanoi office in particular and the people of the whole country in general, people in the Central region will soon overcome difficulties and soon get back to their normal life.

Below are pictures of the volunteer group of RSM Hanoi and outside benefactors on their charity trip to the Central region.




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