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Celebrating 10 years of RSM World Day

Established a decade ago as an annual event, RSM World Day provides colleagues around the world an opportunity to celebrate our diverse and dynamic global community.

Each year, Member Firms have been able to take part in activities both locally and globally, which have enabled colleagues to make new connections, and importantly, have fun. Our theme for the event this year is ‘Connected by our Community’.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devasting impact on many societies, economies, businesses and personal lives. When I look back over the last 12 months since the last RSM World Day, I am proud of the efforts of our RSM team and the strong and supportive community that has galvanised through a common sense of purpose.

Despite the recent challenges, we have embraced new ways of working; brought innovative solutions to the table; and introduced creative ways to effectively collaborate and communicate as a global organisation.

This year, to celebrate RSM World Day, Hanoi office has had various meaningful activities to help connect all the staff and bring about an enjoyable experience for everyone.

RSM is a strong, united community, and RSM Vietnam is one of the active members who contribute greatly to that.




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