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Benefits of M&A Consulting Services in Startup Company Sale Transactions

M&A transactions, in general, and the sale of startup companies, in particular, have become one of the key topics of interest for many business owners, especially in the post-pandemic recovery context when businesses are seeking ways to grow and transform. The process of selling a startup company can be challenging, involving complex financial arrangements and negotiations with potential buyers. As a startup business owner, you may find it necessary to engage an M&A consulting company to support you throughout this sales process. RSM Vietnam will analyze the 5 benefits of M&A consulting services in startup company sale transactions.


1. Time-Saving

Being a business owner means that your valuable time cannot be solely dedicated to tasks such as finding buyers or negotiating deals. In reality, finding a suitable buyer among countless options or negotiating the terms of a contract is a complex and time-consuming endeavor.

The first benefit of using M&A services from a consulting firm is that you will receive support throughout the transaction process without the need to search for all the necessary information on your own. Consulting firms can take on much of the intricate work on your behalf. They will help you navigate the complexities surrounding the transaction, allowing you to focus on managing your business and seeking new opportunities.

2. Finding the right buyer for you

Having multiple options for your transaction will help you broaden the opportunities to sell your business and secure the most favorable terms for your self. M&A consultants have numerous connections with businesses and can assist you in connecting with the most potential buyers. Finding the right buyer is crucial, and that's where the key role of an M&A consulting firm lies in ensuring a successful deal.

3. Overcoming M&A Transaction Challenges

An M&A transaction can progress quickly or slowly depending on the context and the existing legal and business environment. Deal disruptions are often caused by the following challenges:

  • Uncertainty about the international or domestic market.

  • Disruptions due to changes in legal regulations.

  • Errors or oversights in negotiations.

One of the issues that startup founders often encounter is their lack of negotiation experience to navigate potential pitfalls. Hiring an M&A consulting company will help you overcome these challenges. An experienced consultant, especially someone who has supported sellers in various transactions, will assist you in identifying, predicting, mitigating, and addressing obstacles on the path to success.


4. Securing the best deal

Even if you have conducted comprehensive business valuations and identified the value and negotiation breakpoints, you may still risk losing out on your interests if you're not careful.

An M&A consulting company will help you strategize to achieve the expected deal. They will assess your business operations, measure market and potential buyer expectations, and negotiate the best price for the transaction alongside you.

5. Providing peace of Mind

The ultimate benefit of using M&A advisory services is that you will always have peace of mind throughout the negotiation and business sale process. Selling a business can be an incredibly stressful journey, even if you've planned meticulously. This is why businesses often turn to specialized M&A consulting firms when conducting complex transactions.

Professional M&A experts, in addition to their extensive M&A experience, must also be dedicated individuals who always prioritize your interests above all else. And RSM Vietnam is precisely such an M&A consultant.

RSM Vietnam's M&A Consulting Services

RSM Vietnam is listed among the "Prominent M&A Consulting Organizations" at the Vietnam M&A Forum 2019-2020 held in Ho Chi Minh City on November 24, 2020. RSM Vietnam's experts contribute to the success of your M&A transactions.

RSM Vietnam's M&A consulting services include:

  • M&A support for buying, selling, and mergers

  • Business valuation

  • Financial, tax, legal, and operational due diligence

  • Support for both buyers and sellers

  • Post-merger advisory support

  • Business restructuring

  • Contract negotiation support for business acquisitions


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